Push the button on the Sarah Palin doll

Good grief, why is this woman still being taken seriosuly at all? OK, I know that at least a goodly number of people are wising up, as more of her background leaks out and her few public appearances just pile up the embarassments. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. Except for the fact that she had the chutzpah to actually think that she should run for VP (with a good chance of actually succeeding John McCain before his mythical term is up). Continue reading

Earmark this!

A pattern has emerged from the Republicans in response to everything thrown at them:  avoid the question and try to change the subject. Thus, the question of Sarah Palin’s quest for earmarks for Alaska (more per capita than any other state in the Union) becomes a chant from the McCain surrogates of “Barack Obama did it too!” This, of course, misses the point. Continue reading


Sarah Palin’s answer’s to Charlie Gibson’s question about “The Bush Doctrine” really tells us all we need to know about her. First there was that “moose stunned in the headlights” look. Then the passive-aggressive reverse question to stall for time while she searched her mental Rolodex of coached talking points for one that might at least somewhat fit. Poor Charlie Gibson looked exasperated and finally had to tell her the answer; she clearly didn’t have even the vaguest notion of what he was talking about. Finally, she reeled off a few generic, meaningless talking points about “crushing Islamic extremists that threaten our way of life.” (Never mind that a good deal of Islamic extremism is directed at other countries and has only minimal impact on “our” way of life).

Contrast this with any of dozens of lengthy interviews with Barack Obama or Joe Biden, who clearly have a depth of knowledge about the situations. One might disagree with some of their conclusions or their proposed policies, but only most die-hard ideologues would suggest that they didn’t know the background.

So, enough, already. It has nothing to do with being from a small town; it has nothing to do with having been a small-town mayor or even the short-term governor of one of the smallest (in population, not area) states in the Union. When the candidate for Vice President isn’t even as knowledgable as many 5th graders, the debate is over.  Why is anyone taking this woman seriously?

John McCain, it seems, wants more than anything to be President. Nothing else seems to matter. ‘Twas not always this way, but it sure is now. It’s sad to see, but “country first” my ass. It’s “Karl Rove first” all over again.