Sometimes you do need a weatherman…

So along some word that the McCain campaign cancelled a fund-raiser in Miami. The reason?  A tropical storm/hurricane was heading towards the mainland, with the storm tracking right up the middle of the appendage known as Florida. Now the thing with hurricanes and tropical storms is that they generally form far out in the ocean, so you generally know they’re likely to be heading for land a couple of days ahead of time. The folks at McCain central, it seems, don’t know how to check a weather forecast.

You may recall back when Barack Obama was trekking his way across the Middle East and Europe, the McCainiacs thought that having ol’ Johnnie Boy helicopiter out to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico would be a good photo op that might knock Barry off the front the pages. That trip, of course, had to be cancelled because — wait for it — there was a tropical storm, possibly hurricane, coming in.

John McCain has been running around claiming how much better prepared he would have been, as President, than Bush was for Hurricane Katrina. (Of course, he didn’t say much at the time; this was the usual 20-20 hindsight talking). You wonder, since he can’t seem to see a hurricane coming.

Maybe he can ask Barack to check his blackberry for a weather forecast.

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