Push the button on the Sarah Palin doll

Good grief, why is this woman still being taken seriosuly at all? OK, I know that at least a goodly number of people are wising up, as more of her background leaks out and her few public appearances just pile up the embarassments. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. Except for the fact that she had the chutzpah to actually think that she should run for VP (with a good chance of actually succeeding John McCain before his mythical term is up).

Who would have thought that Katy Couric would be one to nail her too? It was almost like watching Doonesbury come alive:  the Sarah Palin action figure; complete with 3 talking-point phrases that she says over and over. Granted, part of it is inexperience at dealing with the media. But — really — a politician who has not learned how to deal with the media? Perhaps she was too busy playing with the rugrats in her office to actually learn now to, you know, do her job. Communication is part of that.

So let me see if I get this right. Being next to Russia and Canada gives her experience in foreign policy because he’s next to Russia and Canada. When asked by Couric to cite a specific instance where she actually dealt with those countries, she had none. Oh wait! When Putin sends the Russian airforce hurtling toward Alaska, Sarah will don her flack jacket, pick up her rifle, and sav us all from the invading infidels. (Funny, I though the US Air Force and NORAD was supposed to be watching the Alaskan skies for invading Ruskies. I didn’t know the Alaska Governor had responsibilities for defending the country).

This would almost be comical were it not for the fact that — even given slumping polls — there are still a lot of people who plan to vote for McCain because they “like Sarah.” I don’t care about having leaders I like. I do care about having leaders who have skills and judgement and won’t fuck up the country too much. Sarah Palin might be full employment for comedians, but she sure is scary for those us who actually have functioning brain cells!

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