Not Your Father’s Presidential Vote

Perhaps the sky, along with the stock market, has fallen. The son of William F. Buckley (“Mr. Conserative” himself) is voting for Barack Obama for President. Chris Buckley is one of those conversatives I like and respect. One who’s not “angry at ayone” (to cop Mike Huckabee’s phrase). I’ve read a number of his books and he can be wickedly funny.

Read his announcement for yourself by clicking this link

One of the things I always admired about William F. Buckley was his intellect — something that seems out-of-favor among Republicans these days. His positions were always arrived at through logic. I seldom agreed with his conculsions, but I could admire the way he arrived at them. Buckely always liked a fight, but a fair fight. He loved the give-and-take of ideas, even those diametrically opposed to his own. And you could win him over with a persuasive argument bolstered by actual facts.  Buckley’s writing would send you running for the dictionary. This, I think, was a good thing.

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