McCain, the Passive-Aggressive

Finally, we had a flash of the old John McCain. You know the clip — the supporter saying he was “afraid of a Barack Obama Presidency.” Not surprising, considering that McCain and his Caribou Barbie attack bimbo had just spend several days spreading bullshit about “palling around with terrorists” (wink, wink, we’re sure you’ll know what we really mean) and having surrogates mention Obama’s middle name (wink, wink, you know — the same as that guy that attacked us on 9/11; never mind that guy Hussein had nothing to do with attacking us, and they know it) and “what do really know about him (wink, wink, he’s probably a secret Muslim and a “Manchurian Candidate” who will turn against America and where was he really born; never mind that thousands of articles have been written about Obama and he’s done hundreds of television and radio interviews and oh, by the way, he was born in KANSAS for God’s sake. And, for that matter, if you actually watch the movie, you’d know that the Machnurian Candidate was capture, tortured and brainwashed in ASIA — sound like anyone in this race?).

McCain, to his credit (at long last) was forced to defend his opponent, saying without hesitation that  no one had anything to fear from an Obama presidency (good for Obama; bad for McCain). And one one supporter said she was afraid of Obama because “he’s an Arab,” McCain shook his head, took the mic away, and replied, “No. No. He is not.” (McCain might have taken the moment to explain that all Muslims are not Arabs — most of the Muslims in the world are not Arab — and that all Arabs are not Muslim, either. But then McCain seems to have that persistent problem of confusing Sunni and Shia, so it’s understandable he didn’t pick up on the opportunity).

The McCain compaign has been complaining about the tactis of the Obama campaign as a way to justify their own behavior. (Of course, the Obama folks have trotted out the same tit-for-tat excuse, and they should likewise be ashamed, though their “attacks” have been tame in comparison and are at least more fact-based:  McCain really did pal around with Charles Keating, and he was not “exonerated” as he claims, though he has apologized in the past for his behavior).

The difference is, of course, that you have not been hearing people at Obama rallies screaming “Kill McCain” or “Bomb Palin.” You don’t hear people saying “I couldn’t vote for McCain because he’s a  terrorist” or “I think Sarah Palin is a religious whacko” (even though the latter is arguably true). McCain now claims to be offended at the criticism. I like to believe it’s the inherent decency that is — or at least used to be — evident in McCain coming out. But it’s awfully hard to accept that when he and his Rove-inspired minions are the ones who created the climate in the first place.

Desperation sure ain’t pretty!

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