Links for the “Undecided” voters

If you’re still undecided, my first question is “Really?” Have you not been paying attention for the past 2 years? You can’t make up your mind between two candidates (leaving aside the ones who no chance of actually winning the election) who are about as different as can be in terms of policy, political philosophy, temperament, and most issues? OK, maybe there are a few left. Here are a few things you ought to read or hear before you go vote.

Colin Powell Announces He’s Voting For Obama
Powell remains one of the most respected of Americans. Watch his appearance with Tom Brokaw on Meet The Press and listen to what he says, in his own words, about how he came to the decision he did.

New Yorker Editors Make A Choice
The Editors of The New Yorker recently published their Choice for President. As is typical with The New Yorker, it’s a long, thoughful (and thought-provoking) piece that reviews the pros and cons of both candidates and provides actual facts in support of their conclusions.

Who’s Better For The Economy?
Does the economy do better under Democrats or Republicans? Which party seems to foster better growth? The New York Times has an interactive chart that graphically (pardon the pun) tells the story. You might be surprised (or perhaps not, depending on how much you’ve been following economic reporting). As Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own set of facts.”

Who You Callin’ A Maverick?
A descendent of the original Maverick, Samuel Augustus, begs to differ with John McCain and Sarah Palin. Read about the Texas Mavericks (one of whom coined the term “gobbledygook”), who have long been leftists. And find out why the term doesn’t apply to current Republican team.

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