Less than a week until we’re rid of Tucker Bounds

I think I’m in love Campbell Brown (of CNN). She’s the only journalist who has had the balls (on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) to actually state that having Tucker Bounds on a show is virtually useless, and good riddins’ to him (I’m paraphrasing here). You may know that it was one such appearance by the ubitquitous Bounds that prompted the McCain campaign to cancel an appearance with Larry King on CNN. Evidently, Brown was a little too “hard” on poor little Tucker. (Or maybe McCain was afriad of the “hard-hitting” questions that King might lob at him. Everyone’s getting a bit fesity in the face of the incredibe amount of bullshit the McCain-Palin campaign and their surrougates have been dispensing in the final days of the campaign).

The point that Campbell Brown was making was that people like Tucker Bounds add nothing to any program. You know Tucker Bounds, this kid who looks like one of McCrotechty’s grandkids, and who seems to be about as smart as the average 5-year-old (and about as informed, though that might be insulting to the pre-pubescent set). Much like Palin before he recent “liberation” from her handlers, Bounds seems only capable of endlessly repeating a short list of talking points, without seeming to even understand what he’s saying. He relentlessly attempts to shout down any attempt at actual follow-up questions and seems incapable of actually going beyond his scripted talking points. Now it’s possible that Tucker Bounds is actually smart, informed and capable of forming complete, coherent sentences¬† on his own. It’s possible; there just is no evidence to actually suggest that. (I have to agree with Jon Stewart. The guy’s dumb as a post).

So cheeers to Campbell Brown. Any news program is better off without the likes of Tucker Bounds (and all the others — on both sides, actually — who server the same function). Hell, I could just go to the Fox News site and read the damned talking points myself if that was all I was interested in. Perhaps the journalists will start banning these idiots. They add nothing to the discourse and are just background noise at best and demogogic spewers at worst.

Six more days and Tucker Bounds can retreat to wherever he came from. And not a moment too soon.

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