Surge this, Lieberman!

One of the things that bugs me most of the present Administration (besides being, you know, totally incompetent at just about everything except funneling money to their big-business friends) is their total disdain for the Constitution and just about everything good that this country has stood for during its history. I find it funny that the Right so often hurls the “you hate America!” charge at the Left, when they are actually the ones who seem to despise everything about this country. So there was Joe Lieberman, sitting next to John Kerry on Meet The Press. (I guess he was taking a break from being McCaniac’s Jimeny Crickett, whispering corrections in McCain’s ear like Nancy used to do when Ronnie would make some stupid statement.) Continue reading

Roll Call!

So Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have reached an agreement to place Hillary’s name into nomination for President. To which I say, “Great!” Now, I’m not old enough to be considered one of those “wrinkly old White dudes” (as Paris Hilton, who’s undergoing her own rehabilitiation, showing that she not only has a sense of humor about herself, but actually sounds more sensible than some of the pols!). But I do remember when networks used to cover the quadrennial conventions gavel-to-gavel. You know, back when we actually thought that the airwaves belong to The People, and the broadcasters had an obligation to actually provide a public service in exchange for making truckloads of money off said public airwaves. One of the exciting things about those conventions was watching the roll call of the states. Continue reading

OK, McCain, what does “victory” mean?

John McCain has got to stop this Al Qaeda crap. First all, it’s crap and he knows it. That grand left-wing Commite pinko organizaiton The Pentagon and all those “commanders on the ground” that the Bush Administration is so fond of quoting generally agree that the home-grown Al Qaeda in Iraq is perhaps 2% of the insurgents (and only loosely connected — more for PR purposes than anything else — with the bin Laden Al Qaeda). Continue reading

Further Evidence Why Torture is Bad

As we’ve gotten further up to our necks in Presidential aspirants (some of whom have dropped like flies; others to follow, no doubt), the Republicans have — for the most part — been a rush to see who can offer the most ways to torture “our enemies” and “keep us safe.” Well, except for John McCain (God love him). Now, there’s a lot that I disagree with McCain on, including his constant assertion that “my friends, we are winning in Iraq.” (Ummm…. winning what? From whom? If we’re fighting Al Qaeda over there, presumably so we don’t have to fight them over here, why is it that we seem to be in the middle of non-Qaeda Iraqis so much of the time? But that’s a topic for another post. McCain has consistently and vocally been totally, completely opposed to torture. He’s a man who should know — and he also is a man who knows how much it demeans the torturers as well as the victims. Continue reading

Rudy Guliani May Be Bad For Your Health

You know Rudy Guliani — the former Mayor and Presidential Candidate, quite accurately described by Senator Joe Biden as thinking a sentence consists of three parts:  a noun,  a verb and “9/11.” Leaving aside the myriad reasons that Guliani (and most of the Republicans running for President in general) are bad for most of us, there’s now evidence of effects on health. And we’re not just talking health insurance coverage. Continue reading

People With Guns Kill People

The headline in the NY Times read “Shooting Rekindles Issues of Gun Rights and Restrictions.” You know the old NRA line, defending the right of everyone to carry and use guns or all sorts, including assault rifles:  “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Yeah, and mostly in this country, it’s people with guns who kill people. Continue reading

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

One of the problems with being a believer in the First Amendment right to freedom of speech (just one of the rights contained in that amendment, by the way) is that you sometimes find yourself having to defend those who utter indefensible words. Thus we find outself embroiled in the Don Imus situation, which seems to have taken on the same kind of life as Anna Nicole Smith’s death (no doubt to be knocked off the news channels once the next Anna Nicole “revelation” is made). Continue reading

Shall We Dance?

When my sister and I were kids, we would get invited to the family weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and funerals. Now, there wasn’t generally much dancing at the funerals, but the other affairs (as they were called in the day) generally included dancing, usually accompanied by a live band. (This was in the era before DJs became the norm for such affairs, though I suppose some bands still reign). While we “kids” generally attempted ot dance, we were used to dancing to rock and roll. The bands attempted a few “rock” tunes, but Herb Zane and his band (who played not only my bar mitzvah party but also my sister’s wedding party years later) were about as far from rock and roll as you could get. Continue reading